"Dear James, I am writing to thank you for the work your company carried out in installing a 90 millimetre water ring main on the estate. All those involved in the project deserve praise for the way all aspects of the contract were handled, from the planning to the execution of the works. Please pass on my thanks to the Aqua Earth team for a job well done.​"
Collin Miller, Estate Manager, Abbots Ripton Farming Company

"The Secret Garden Party has worked closely with James and his team for the last 8 years providing the water requirements for the event. During this year's event (2014) James and his team successfully implemented a new delivery system which reduced our impact on the local community and provided enough capacity for peak demands during the event, satisfying both Anglian water and the Local Council.
We look forward to continuing our relationship with James and the Aqua Earth team in the future. ​"
Oliver Stroud, General Manager, Backwoodsman ltd.

Our Specialist Services

  • Foundations and footings
  • Concrete bases
  • Hard standings
  • Fencing - contract and domestic
  • Residential drainage
  • Cesspools, septic tanks, sewage systems
  • Concreting, block paving, slab laying
  • Driveways
  • Decking
  • Landscaping

Water Services

Aqua Earth provides water services for domestic and commercial customers on supply pipes coming from the mains network. In addition we offer services on private water supplies. All works are carried out by approved Anglian Water contractors and fully certified in compliance with The Water Supply (water fittings) regulations 1999.

Our specialised services include:

Lead Supply Pipe Replacement

If you suspect your home has a Lead Service Pipe leading from your boundary stop valve to where the pipe enters your property, you can get your water company's sample results free on request. Water companies take daily samples from consumer taps for Lead at random. Alternately we could test your water from your kitchen tap at a charge.

We offer a service to replace any Lead service pipes using the latest Moling techniques. These are fast and efficient methods of installing new pipes, saving both labour and materials, which allows us to pass this cost saving on to the customer. It significantly reduces allocated time on site compared to traditional trench excavation.

Leak Detection and Repairs

Aqua Earth will pin-point your leak using the latest electronic detection equipment including Correlators , Ground Microphones, Tracer gas & Noise Loggers. Once detected, all necessary repairs will be carried out with minimal disruption.

Pipe Installation and Replacement

Aqua Earth will install Polyetheline pipe networks using Electrofusion and butt fusion techniques. Electrofusion involves the use of fittings into which the pipes are inserted. An electric current is then applied to melt the assembly together. With Butt Fusion the pipes are joined directly without an additional fitting.

Successful jointing of PE pressure pipes using these methods requires strict control of the parameters and conditions. For this reason we utilise the latest in computer controlled automated Fusion equipment ensuring perfect joints time after time.

Moling equipment can be used to install utilities under existing landscapes and / or under structures. The tools create a compact bore hole in displaceable ground into which underground pipes, ducts and cables in sizes 1mm – 180mm OD can be installed. The use of the equipment greatly reduces the disruption to the surrounding landscapes, buildings or normal traffic flow.

Examples of pipe installation work include:

  • Water supply pipes: pipe networks for farms, estates, housing developments, business parks and private dwellings.
  • Contaminated Water supplies: In the event of contamination to a supply pipe we offer a swift service of connecting a temporary line above ground to ensure a continued potable supply of water. Once area has been assessed by an insurance company or customer, an Aqua Earth team will come back to excavate and install a protectar line pipe in compliance with the regulations.

Pipe Commissioning

Following the installation of your new water network, Aqua Earth offers a complete service of: Swabbing, Pressure Testing, Chlorination and Sampling to ensure your network meets the requirements for connection to the mains network. Pressure Testing Increasing the pressure of the water within the pipe to test for leaks.

  • Swabbing
    The procedure of flushing pipelines for larger particles by using foam swabs.
  • Chlorinating
    This procedure kills harmful bacteria such as E-coli and once flushed ensures that the pipeline is sterile and ready for the movement of potable water.
  • Testing
    We will test the water running through the system and certify that the water in the network is wholesome. All samples tested in an accredited laboratory.

All commissioning will be carried out by fully trained and certified personnel guaranteeing reliable results. Full results of tests are made available to our clients and procedures will be repeated until we are able to certify the supply as potable.

Tank and Pump Rental

Tanks and pumps are required when a temporary water supply is needed in a remote location or a water network doesn’t have enough pressure or flow rate. In these circumstances, we can provide:

  • Static tanks ranging from 1,000 to 30,000 litres.
  • Rental of various sized pumps, pipes and fittings

All of our rental products will be either supplied pre super-chlorinated or will be commissioned on site. Tanks will be sampled prior to event and test certificates provided from an approved laboratory.

To find out more about how Aqua Earth can help your business, please contact us.